Dr. Edison Samraj - Advisor SCCN

  • Posted on: 22 June 2018
  • By: admin

For the decade, Edison Samraj has guided the work of Oriental Watchman Publishing Company, raising medical and societal issues as they affect Contemporary Asian societies.

He has created a coalition of corporate heads, academics and physicians to promote the healthcare of Indians. In 2001 this coalition convened the very first conference on Integrated Medicine in India.

He is also interested in the promotion of innovative education for our students in India. Having met with the president of India he is working on a value education curriculum that will engage the hearts and minds of our generation in pursuit of transforming their attitudes and their mindset. He also established a Moral Science Lab at World Peace Centre (to be opened soon), which has been endorsed by Dr. Abdul Kalam, Gorbachev and Clinton and many important educationalist including Dr. V.D Karad, of World Peace Centre.

He has been committed to Science Education in India to foster science temper in all levels of education.

He has also worked closely with UNESCO for South Asia in the development of curriculum for the future not only in science but also in peace education. He is committed to making communication network of modern world accessible for our generation and impacting them with new perspectives and new ways to look at life and the world. In other words his commitment is to bring paradigm in our thinking process. He has participated in many corporate workshops, education institutions, science congress at the national and international levels. His profile indicates that he has a wide range in this area for over 20 years.

He has served in many committees and boards as a member and chairman. He has also presented many papers at UNESCO level as well as national level in the field of education and spiritual transformation. He has served as a member for many foundations and has interacted with many renowned national and international personalities such as Hillary Clinton, Thaksin Shianawatra, Prime Minister of Thailand; Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam, President of India, Gorbachev, president of USSR, Dr.V.D.Karad, president, World Peace Centre and Nelson Mandela, President of South Africa.

Dr. Edison Samraj is a powerful believer in the power of the people to help themselves and set a meaningful agenda for the government. So he has travelled widely and networked with like-minded people all over the world encouraging them to start addressing issues from grassroots level and to call on government officials to take note.

Dr. Edison Samraj is a visionary personality who has the ability to create partnerships between private, government and non-profit sector to translate his vision into reality.