Advisory council

Prof Nicole Bernex , Director of Pontifical Catholic University of Peru(PUCP) in Lima, Peru becomes mentor for SCCN 

Prof Nicole Bernex is Director of Centre for Research in Applied Geography – CIGA in Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP). She is represented on UN’s Global Water Partnership as expert.

Due to her keen interest in shaping the career and life of the students towards Sustainable Development, PUCP  has become the first International University to be partner in Smart Campus Cloud Network (SCCN).

Prof Bernex strongly feels that today’s university students are tomorrows builders of sustainable society. Their hands on experience in water management and its conservation in their own campus would be important part of the education on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

She says: ‘It is now the time to accept the conventional wisdom that ecosystems do matter.  Rather than damaging the environment and then attempting to rehabilitate, we should seek to integrate ecosystem based management into water resources planning and management. We are learning that our natural ecosystems, as well as providing water, are also essential water users. Recognizing this is just as important to human wellbeing as sustaining our capacity to grow more food and produce more energy. But to account for this, the key question that water planners and managers are asking is: “How much water do ecosystems need?”

Prof Bernex, who is busy in setting up Water Institute in Peru, will act as a mentor for SCCN and make PUCP as Latin American Hub for SCCN .

She would guide the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 6, i.e  Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all” in the campuses in SCCN .