Digital Campus

SCCN would be the practical exercise for the students to practice the digital technology in their day to day life, individually and professionally. Through digital tools students would learn, hands-on, about effective experience sharing, problem solving, monitoring, assessing economic opportunity and carry out digital transactions aimed at cashless economy and transparent governance.

SmartSense data:

The real time energy data is accessible on computer and mobile phones from anywhere and anytime. We provide data to youths to create an impactful and action-oriented awareness. Smart Campus can only be possible when the youth gets hands-on experience and intricate details to know the consumption patterns.

A Smartphone App:

CampusTime’, a secured mobile app enhances student engagement like never before, connects students and faculties in Campus to make SCCN live wire buzzing. It enable the users to connect with youth in their campus with SCCN related discussion forum, events, chats, collaborative projects, research and many more.

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Amruta Desai is a CEO & Founder of CampusTime. She started up with one belief of transforming communication at Campuses and empowering millions of Students. Click here to know more