26th January, 2017 : Understanding Digital Transactions - A smart step towards Less Cash Society” as a SSK - Smart Skill Katta Activity

As per the modern definition, campus is a collection of buildings and grounds that belong to a given institution, either academic or non-academic. Example is campus of IT-software company or even a housing complex.

Sanjeev Chaudhary, our digital expert of SCCN, decided to go beyond the confines of usual definition of campus, and visioned SCCN as the network of housing complexes. ‘After all, college-campuses  are not the only places where one learns and gets educated. If you consider that life is learning, then any community living together is educational campus'.

 Sanjeev, who is also a Rotarian from Pune, has now entered housing society to begin  a  digital learning. He started with ‘digital transactions’ workshop for almost 30 senior  citizens. He calls the class room as SSK - Smart Skill Katta Activity.

 Step by step practical demonstrations on digital transactions were assisted by  Abhishek, a 2nd  Year Engineering student of MIT college of engineering which has  registered as a member of  SCCN.   



 Sanjeev plans to implement SCCN in housing campuses and  create a network for making them smart, by making them  digital, energy saving, water saving, sustainable transport and  waste minimization.

 He is willing to conduct similar Workshops in your own area. The aim is to educate people to make their housing complexes smart. Read more...