31st January, 2017 : Training on Smartsense platform for students and faculties in SIIB, Pune

  • Posted on: 14 June 2017
  • By: admin
Objective of Training: To equip the core group of SIIB on monitoring the power consumption data in the SIIB premises with an aim to reduce the energy cost by preventing waste and identifying levers for energy saving at SIIB. This is expected to contribute in long run to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 7, 11 and 13. 
Training Participants: From SIIB: The first year students and Mr. Dipen Paul (faculty) 
                                    From SCCN team: Aditya Girotra, Dinah Gengmei and Sanjeev Chaudhary

Training Highlights led by SCCN: 

1. The real time power data from the Main incomer can be used to know the energy consumption during working and non-working hours, Working and non-working days, etc.

2. For detailed comparative study of the data, the students must know the connected load in the campus and the live load. This will help in proper benchmarking for the campus. The students must calculate the connected load during Non-working hours during a working day and Non-working days respectively which will be used for Benchmarking and comparing the same with real time data monitored on SmartSense and getting real time alerts on anomalies.

3. Students must analyze the data on a daily basis, download reports and must identify levers which can be used to reduce the energy consumption in the campus. This can be in the form of Power factor optimization, CD optimization, Time of use. They must identify the other areas in the campus, where they feel, SmartSense should be implemented to monitor the real time data and analyze like Amphitheatre, server room, etc.

4. Looking at the consumption pattern, students can design the Solar project on the rooftop and get the feasibility study done and do a cost benefit analysis.

5. Dashboard on SmartSense: Displays heat map, that gives energy data for 30 days in a graphical format, i.e., Time Vs Date

6. Analyse on SmartSense: Helps to monitor data on minute’s basis. 

7. Skyview on SmartSense: This will help in comparing data of various campuses, leading to a positive competition among colleges.

8. Alerts on SmartSense: This should be set by college itself like consumption during lunch hrs, etc. With an Advanced alerts, we can select options under sensor, time, etc

9. Reports on SmartSense: This can be downloaded

10. Profile on SmartSense: Metadata can be added and billed

11. Location health: It works on alert

12. Predictive maintenance tool: This is a very important in SmartSense. Motor faults can be predicted.

Mutual recommendations by SIIB and SCCN:

1. IT students can make widget for SIIB to know consumption per head and per sq ft.

2. ECM (Energy Conservation Measure) to be there for campus. It can be designed by students by looking at the data– then measurement and verification can be designed.

3. Student asked if authorization can be there on SmartSense so that not everyone gets alert or has option to change it.

4. No sensor yet in SIIB – the case studies can be done by students to find points to put sensorsl – 15 sensors can be put on 1 meter.

5. ERP can be connected with SmartSense.

6. The display of Energy data in campus' lobby. Requirement would just be a screen and a laptop with an internet connection. SIIB looking forward to arrange this sooner.

Plan of Action suggested by SCCN:

1. Students to calculate the Connected load, power factor, look for server points (water also), consumption comparisons

2. Designing alerts

3. Transformer efficiency should be checked

4. Students can drive a survey in the other SIU campus, and hence can encourage them for SCCN 


1. Mr. Dipen has divided the students in five groups. Each group will be assigned a separate topic based on SmartSense.

2. SIIB suggested to carry out SCCN activities in the form of assignments, to get full participation of students while developing sense of commitment to it.