Symbiosis Institute of International Business (SIIB) is the first SCCN campus in the country. Daily monitoring of energy consumption is helping them to forecast energy demand and identify areas, where consumption can be reduced.

SCCN is proving to be an excellent effort for SIIB not only because of the practical demonstration of the skills of students but, connects them to the energy courses that students are learning.

SCCN will ensure that 'Youth' community from universities is engaged in the implementation of SDGs, unlike the case of MDGs


An innovative project that inspires to save energy at college campuses


SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) defines implementation of SCCN 


A visual journey 'SmartSense', a cloud platform making Energy Monitoring easy and providing its best towards Energy Efficiency Strategies 


“We Love the SDGs” is an inspirational and danceable song that was written and performed by Alan AtKisson for 17 Goals. The official launch date for the song and the music video was 1st January 2016, which was also when the SDGs come into effect worldwide. Click here for the lyrics and well-thought explanation over each line of the song by Alan himself