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Time is running out for United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are now embraced globally by all the countries. Launched in the beginning of 2016, they are to be achieved by 2030. We have 12 years from now to accomplish that task.

Fortunately, we have with us a treasure of lessons learnt while implementing Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), precursors to SDGs, that began its implementation in 2000 and were to be achieved by 2015. One of the lessons was that MDGs were never mainstreamed in the education systems in schools, colleges and universities. As a consequence, the key group of drivers of change i.e. future policy makers and potential youthful source of innovation remained isolated from the global efforts.

Smart Campus Cloud Network (SCCN) brings that critical group of university and college students and faculty in the main flow. It facilitates colleges and universities to mainstream the future-makers and policy-drivers in implementing the SDGs.

SCCN is a network that flourishes by sharing the knowledge and information about the transformative actions undertaken by students and faculties in the campus on the SDGs. More importantly, it encourages to deploy the digital technologies like IoT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence), Cloud-networking, Machine-to-machine learning and Blockchain for assessing and monitoring the consumption for the purpose of achieving the optimum use of energy, water in campus and catalyse effective waste management, sustainable transport, air pollution and nature conservation within the campus.

As a first small step towards such learning, we have unveiled ‘SCCN Tool- Kit’. It is an enabler for innovations in campus and I believe that the tool kit would trigger a chain of Smart Campuses as precursor to smart cities, towns, villages and communities.

We have less time but more talents. That's what we need to tap so that ‘no one is left behind’ .

To know more about the Tool-Kit, please write to

Rajendra Shende Chairman
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