1. What is SmartCampusCloudNetwork ?
SmartCampusCloudNetwork ( SCCN) is a global network of the education campuses of schools, colleges, institutes and universities committed to make a tangible contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Global, visionary and transformative, SDGs are unanimously agreed by all the 193-memebr states countries in the world in September 2015 at UN Sustainable Development Summit in New York. To be achieved by 2030, they represent the collective pledge of humanity to respect the ecosystems and human dignity while progressing on our developmental imperatives.
2. Why Campuses?
3. What is the most exciting jump-start?
4. What are the benefits for campuses of SCCN?
5. What are the benefits of operational efficiencies?
6. What are the benefits of Health, Safety and Student & Employee Satisfaction?
7. What are the tools of Education for Sustainable Development?
8. What are the Expected Outcomes?
9. What will be the outputs related to Energy Efficiency?
10. What if we are already implementing some of the green energy solutions already in our campus?
11. How will we implement these costly Energy efficiency solutions?

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