What cannot be measured cannot be managed. This is a basic mantra of management including, crisis management. Fortunately, no we have technologies that enable online and real-time measurements and col...

TERRE Policy Centre and MIT World Peace University held  high level consultation on localising SDGs in university campuses on 15th November 2019. Prof. Dr. S. Parasuraman, Vice-Chancellor of...

Italy will become the first country in the world to make sustainability and climate crisis compulsory subjects for school children starting from coming year.  Starting September 2020, public scho...

After the official announcement that Chile would no longer host the upcoming COP  25 ( United Nations Climate Change Conference) due to its socio-politi cal crisis in the country, a ll States tha...

The buzz everywhere is about Industrial Revolution 4.0. No one however, talks about how the humanity would be ready for that revolution. It is a stark truth that in all the earlier industrial revoluti...

Stimulating insightful discussions on sustainability, climate actions and carbon neutrality were concluded during Qatar Sustainability Summit (QSS) on 28th October 2019 at St. Regis Doh...

Pune's Air Quality and  the Air Information & Response (AIR) Plan Date: 17 th October 2019 Venue: IITM, Pashan road, Pune Participants: Representatives of 15 – 20 organisations On 17 th Octob...

UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites now boasts total of 1121 sites from 167 countries, including 213 WNH sites. These also include the inscription of 29 new sites approved by World Heritage Committe...

What does it take to follow a sustainable approach for a smart campus? A headstrong Campus Community . In May 2019, Odisha was hit by devastating 'Fani', which brought severe cyclonic storm with 3-min...

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Air Quality Service

Today : 11-12-2019



Leading Pollutant : PM 2.5




PM 10 91
PM 2.5 96

Health Advisory: Enjoy the day.

Health Risk: No risk.