Cooling from 5500 deg C to 10 deg C without using fossil fuel. Surprised? Read below…. Mr. Hajime Yabase from Waseda University, a member of SCCN shared the technology details of solar air-conditionin...

SCCN is bringing Smart GiveAway for the students of Higher Education Institutions. The 20 deserving students will receive the special document of ' Twenty Questions and Answers about the Ozone Layer '...

Many state leaders are far happier to fund disaster repair than to invest in disaster avoidance. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has been filling in the reports with 'costs' of preven...

The serene campus of MIT Arts, Design & Technology (MITADT) University is now ready to become Carbon Neutral. A formal meeting was organized with Dr. Sunil Rai, Vice-Chancellor and SCCN Core Group...

107th Indian Science Congress in Bengaluru - A City of Science, Space and Strength Technology is a key tool of Smart Campus Cloud Network - SCCN ( see: ), where we are not only...

TERRE Policy Centre, represented by Dinah Gengmei, Project Leader got an opportunity to introduce and share the progress of Smart Campus Cloud Network (SCCN), which is one of its flagship project in t...

The 'Clean and Smart campus' competition was organised by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), wherein TERRE Policy Centre was its partner, instrumental in establishing th...

'Future depends on what we do today' - That was the quote of Mahatma Gandhi displayed on Indian Pavilion at UN Climate Change Conference in Madrid known at COP 25. It was clear to me that what world i...

175 GW. That is a target of renewable energy that India has pledged as a part of the pledges given in COP 21 in Paris climate agreement. Share of solar energy in this overall target is 100 GW, of whic...

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Air Quality Service

Today : 27-01-2020



Leading Pollutant : PM 2.5




PM 10 109
PM 2.5 152

Health Advisory: Very sensitive people should consider reducing longer/heavy exertion and heavy outdoor work.

Health Risk: Minor health issues for sensitive people, no problem to he general public.