Shipping Containers to Smart FIFA Stadium

We hear about recycling of plastics, waste and water. But have you heard about recycling of whole sport stadium. Yes, this is what exactly being done in Qatar. Not only that, it would be re-used in other places anywhere in the world. Recycle and Reuse.

Qatar's latest World Cup Stadium is coming to life, one shipping container at a time. Sustainability is the main focus behind the Ras Abu Aboud Stadium in Doha. All its components are recyclable. The containers will be used to make everything including the stadium's bathroom, offices and restaurants. What they have considered from the very early stage in the design is that how every single component of the stadium can be reused, whether it's the container or the steel structure that will hold the container and the roof as well.

Apart from Recycle and Reuse, there is a huge movement on 'Reduce' ! 

Imagine, like the games in Qatar, if the university campuses - there are 14 of them in Qatar - achieve carbon neutrality in their campus to 'reduce' and eventually stop their dependency on fossil fuel. That would create the team of policy makers of tomorrow who can become 'ambassadors of change' .

World is changing upside-down. The real Climate Summits are embedded in such actions and not in speeches that will be delivered in New York in UN head quarters on 23 September 2019. Let us make our planet great again!!

Follow the link below to watch the complete video of First fully dismantalable FIFA World Cup Stadium:

Smart Visits to Smart Campuses
Organic, Smart Solution


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Monday, 21 October 2019
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